Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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I found JPGtoPDF a nice and useful service. It’s simple and allows you to seamlessly convert any image file to PDF format in seconds. Works on any device!



I had a great time working with the converter. It only took me a few seconds to convert a dozen JPGs and save them as PDFs with my phone. Probably the quickest online converter you can find on the Web!



I just loved JPGtoPDF. Very robust and straightforward service. Not just you’re able to convert any JPG file to PDF within seconds. You can also edit the resulting PDF file or share it with anybody in one click. Simply amazing experience!



I once used the converter to export a scanned image into a PDF. Since then, I’ve been using JPGtoPDF every now and then and find it pretty much irreplaceable. There are lots of other converters out there but this one’s free and simple. What else do you need?



I’ve been using the converter on a regular basis. All the necessary instruments in one place. No ads, no banners, nothing annoying or unnecessary. Safely upload your files and be sure everything works just fine!



AltoJPGtoPDF is simply the best choice if you want to convert any JPG file to PDF in no time. I’ve tried a lot other services, both online and desktop, and none of them beats this one. Works at all times and on all devices.



I’m an inexperienced user and I value simplicity above all other qualities. Would highly recommend this converter to anybody who seeks for a simple and convenient online JPG to PDF solution.



I prefer online apps because they don’t take up storage space on my iPad. That’s why i think this converter is probably the best free web-based JPG to PDF converter out there. Totally recommend it!



I like AltoJPGtoPDF because it’s simple and free. Another thing that I like about it is that you feel absolutely secure uploading and processing your files via the app. Oh, and it allows you to process files stored on Google Drive which is a huge plus for all cloud storage service users!